Tournament Information

Non-Elimination Tournaments

Upcoming Tournament Dates:

  • Sept. 18-19 (evening)
  • Oct. 17
  • Nov. 21
  • Dec. 12


NET tournaments offer players the opportunity to compete against players of their approximate ability within a maximum 3-hour time frame. NET tournaments “ignite” beginners and provide continued improvement through competition to the more advanced.



• Play is generally round robins or compass draws.

• Players are grouped by age and ability. Small divisions could be mixed genders and/or combined with another appropriate division. Tournament Director may reclassify players to more appropriate divisions.

• 1st and 2nd place awards are given to divisions with 6 or more players. 1st place awards only for 5 or fewer players.

• Coaching is allowed between rounds only and spectators are not allowed to coach during play.


All registration is done online on our Register page  (no phone entries).  


Tournaments will be played at Kiwanis Tennis Center, 6111 S. All America Way, Tempe 85283 (unless otherwise noted). 

  • We really appreciate players that come on time, and encourage everyone to check in no later than scheduled time so we are not left hanging wondering if players are running late, or not coming.  
  • Do not contact Kiwanis regarding these tournaments.


Registration deadline is always 9pm on the Monday prior to the tournament.

No refunds or transferring entry fees to future tournaments after Tuesday before the tournament.

Match Schedule:

Match schedule is posted online on the Wednesday evening before the tournament. 

Entry Fee:

Fee is $27 per player, per tournament.

Missed the Entry Deadline?

If you missed the entry deadline, fill in the Missed Deadline contact form and we will contact you if we can get you in. If you get in, payment is due at the tournament by cash or check only (no charge cards.)

Tournament Contact: Tom Kenney, 480-202-5322  |  Email

NET Tournaments are sponsored by Arizona Focus Realty and All About Tennis.

Events (Age Division Groupings)


Your age on the tournament date determines your age division.


10 and Under

This division is for players 10 and younger who can serve, keep score (no-ad) and sustain a short rally. Play is with the low compression orange ball on the 60’ court. 10’s in USTA tournaments use the low compression ball on the smaller court to help players progress with learning the correct technique and allows for a ball  that bounces in their strike zone. Players should wear clothes with a pocket  for the 2nd ball to avoid delays. 10 and under players should not play in  12’s until they have demonstrated through tournament play that they are  clearly too strong for the 10’s. This is not a race to the green ball.


Novice Groups

(12s, 14s, 18s)

Play is on full court  using green-dot balls which enable players to progress tactically and  technically before advancing to the yellow ball. This is not a race to the yellow ball.


Intermediate Groups

(12s, 14s, 18s)

12s use the green-dot ball, like they do in USTA tournaments, and 14s and 18s use the yellow ball. 10 and under players should not play in 12 Intermediate group until they have demonstrated through tournament play that they are too strong for the 10s.  Intermediates are generally not ready for USTA tournament play, but are past  the novice stage. High school JV players would generally play in the  Intermediates.


Advanced Groups

(12s, 14s, 18s)

12s and 14s are skilled enough to play in USTA tournaments.
12s use green-dot ball like in USTA tournaments.

High school varsity players should generally play in the 18s Advanced Group.